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Why junk removal?

More and more junk is being created each day. With an increasing need for necessities like appliances, food items, and furniture, there is also an increase in the amount of old possessions that turn into junk. Most of the time, unwanted objects are left inside closets or storage units, where they degrade over time. Junk piles up, but no one is there to clean it up and get rid of it.

At 995 Junk Removal, we do the dirty work for you. We understand how valuable it is for you to have a garbage-free environment for your home or office, so we have established our business to offer our customers efficient and reliable junk removal services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and nearby areas. We consider ourselves to be one of the best junk removal companies in these areas, offering garbage pickup, and bin and dumpster rentals for your convenience. We promise our clients a hassle-free experience without breaking the bank. All you need to do is give us the go signal and we take care of everything for you at a budget-friendly cost.


Our rates are based on the amount of junk Removal, from a single item to multiple truckloads for the largest house or office clearance job and includes all labour. Regardless of how huge or little the activity, we have the responsibility to the greater part of your garbage expulsion needs there's truly no restriction to the garbage we'll expel. When you have to dispose of garbage, we influence it to leave. Eco Junk evacuation offers the most expert level of administration in the garbage expulsion industry for your home or business, and we ensure the best costs.

Why should you trust us?

Clients who hire 995 Junk Removal & Bin Rental Edmonton can expect a worry-free garbage removal experience that they can't find in other garbage removal companies. We are dedicated to serving you with our team of specialists that has been trained in excellent customer care, logistics and garbage removal. From start to finish, we promise to take care of all of your junk removal requests. At 995 Junk Removal, we have top-grade equipment that we will use to remove all types of garbage, including boxes, tires, floorboards, rubbish, singles and basically everything that you consider as junk. All you need to do is point to your junk and we'll get rid of them for you. . Book now or call free on 780 995 5865

We Know What It Takes

We know that when you want to dispose of something or carry out a house or office clearance you want it done with ease and efficiency. We build our business to deliver exactly that. We are based in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. albert, Leduc, Beaumont, Devon, Calmar, Spruce grove, Stony plain, Fort saskatchwan, Tofeild, Morinville, Millet, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Ponaka, Vegreville and surrounding area . With a team of hard working individuals who share a passion for excellent customer service and our trucks specially designed and equipped for the job, we can guarantee that your junk disposal or house and office clearance need not be stressful or time consuming.With our garbage removal services, you won't have to worry about any additional fees. Our junk removal service already includes labor and clean-up. We are responsible for making sure that we leave you with what you promised: a clean environment free from even the smallest bit of junk.

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Where did all the junk come from?

Aging population, fewer people want to undertake physical tasks Increasingly restrictive government rules, the city simply won't take certain things on garbage day. Busier lives, when two parents work all week, the last thing they want to do is spend Saturday taking junk to the landfill. Increased imports, we have more stuff in our lives, therefore, we make more junk. People don't fix TVs these days, they just buy a new one.Garbage wasn't always a problem for us. Even a decade ago, our population was not as dense as today, so the accumulated waste was not a major problem. For most of history, waste was limited to organic waste, such as human biodegradable waste and ashes. People did not use items that were made of wasteful materials such as plastic. These didn't result in large-scale environmental impacts as today's waste do.

History Of Waste

Throughout most of history, the amount of waste generated by humans was insignificant due to low population density and low societal levels of the exploitation of natural resources. Common waste produced during premodern times was mainly ashes and human biodegradable waste, and these were released back into the ground locally, with minimum environmental impact. Tools made out of wood or metal were generally reused or passed down through the generations.Nowadays, technology and industry have created numerous items that eventually turn into junk that do not decompose and return to the environment at an environmentally-friendly rate. Too much junk is being created, and it has become increasingly difficult for most garbage disposal services to find areas like landfills to place all the junk. At 995 Junk Removal, we dispose of your garbage in the most efficient and eco-friendly way. We reduce your waste and recycle what we can.

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