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995 Junk removal & Bin rental is the name you can trust. Offering fast, reliable, and customer-focused service with. Our extensive range of bins means we will have the bin you need for any job, be it big or small. When you need to get a great deal on a good skip bin then you 995 Junk removal & Bin rental . Prompt & Reliable Bin Hire anywhere across Alberta.

There are a number of reasons to choose 995 Junk removal & Bin rental:

We are flexible

You tell us how long you want the bin for and that is all you will pay for. Many other bins hire companies only have fixed hire periods, meaning that you will pay for bin time that you don’t need. 995 Junk removal & Bin rental .

We are reliable

Reliable 995 Junk removal & Bin rental is the name you can trust, we have been serving Alberta for decades now, when you book 995 Junk removal & Bin rental you can be sure that you will get the best bin rental price, service, and amazing results.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We take customer satisfaction seriously which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our bins or our service we will rectify the situation, and that is a promise.

We have the bins you need

You can find skip bins for both residential and commercial uses. You can be sure that when you choose 995 Junk removal & Bin rental, you’ll find a bins that is perfect for your needs.

We are near you !

We have a network across Alberta, meaning that when you need a bin, 995 Junk removal & Bin rental is nearby.
You can rent our garbage or disposal bins for an extremely reasonable price, which will allow you to decrease the amount of clutter around your home or business, or remove a large-scale amount of items as you are doing a remodel. We all know that the vast majority of us will start to accumulate a large number of items over the years, and this can lead to a crowded home that is losing its appeal to you. Now you can resolve that issue by hiring the best company for bin rental Edmonton has to offer.

Recycling and Disposals

As part of our service, 995 Junk Removal provides accessories like caddy bags and rental bins that can be used for storage of garbage or junk that you need to get rid of. This affords you the opportunity to access your waste removal bin
Using our bin rental edmonton helps you to get rid of the trash while also providing you with an eco-friendly service. As part of your fee, you not only receive the bin rental, but disposal of the items is also included in the cost of the rental. There are no hidden fees that will come as a surprise for you and exceed your budget. We ensure that we recycle as much of the trash as possible, to help improve the environment, proving to make us one of the most environmental friendly across Alberta .

CONTACT US for the Expert Bin Rental Service in Edmonton

If you are looking for a cheap bin rental Edmonton, then there really is no other company to come to. Our excellent customer service agents are ready to assist you, so that you can have your bin, whatever size you need, available to you today. We do month-to-month renting as well for your utmost convenience. Call us at 780-995-5865 and 995 Junk Removal will be ready to help you. allows you to beat or match prices depending on the circumstances.

For more information or to book our services, contact 995 Junk today! Let us help you keep your home and community clean and waste-free.




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